Each service is tailored on an individual basis
to restore you back to full functionality.


Physical rehabilitation is used in conjunction with our other treatments to help restore strength, movement, stability and flexibility as well as to relieve pain and tension.  

We’re happy to announce we’ve expanded our physical rehabilitation services to include Estim and Inner Strength Physical Rehabilitation.

We've also added postural rehabilitation and supervised stretching and strengthening exercises. Each service is individually tailored to restore you to full functionality.

How does Physical Rehabilitation Help Restore Function?

Rehab is an important step in getting you back to doing what you used to do. Our body breaks down and as a result we can’t do all the things we used to do.

What is Estim Physical Rehabilitation?

Estim physical rehabilitation uses low voltage, electrical stimulation to help decrease pain and inflammation, improve circulation, strengthen muscles and better manage inflammation.

Estim rehabilitation sessions last between 10 and 15 minutes and can further enhance your own home therapy sessions.

What is inner strength physical therapy?

The Inner Strength rehab system uses gentle resistance to help correct the muscle imbalance that’s so often present in painful body problems.

At Choice Restorative Medicine, we use the inner strength rehab system because it allows us to specifically target the postural muscles and strengthen them so our patients get better faster. It’s gentle and specific to each client.

Pettibon Wobble Chairs are used to strengthen the core muscles, improve posture and balance and to reduce pain and hydrate discs. This system was designed to be effective and safe for patients with all types of spinal problems.

& Evaluation

Before you begin any of our physical rehabilitation services at Choice Restorative Medicine, you will receive a thorough evaluation and consultation that includes a complete review of your medical history. For more information on our full range of rehabilitation services, please contact our office at (412) 364-9699.