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Top-shelf Vitamin B-12 in a highly absorbable form.
Boosts energy, relieves fatigue and pain, improves mental alertness.

Vitamin B and a natural Fat Burner.
Helps your body burn off resistant fat and boosts energy naturally.

The trifecta for performance and fat loss.
Vitamin B + Fat Burner + Taurine. Boosts energy, burns fat, and gives you the stamina you need, whether it's for your workout or your workday.

Sunshine? What's that?
Studies suggest that a substantial percentage of the global population is Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D deficits can cause bone and muscle pain and immune problems.
Vitamin D is anti-carcinogenic and can help regulate insulin levels.
This shot replaes what your body can't make in a highly absorbable form of Vitamin D.

This little shot takes the edge of.
A special blend of Magnesium and supportive Amino Acids helps ease tension, reduces muscle knots and can help with headaches, migraines, bowel function, and supports healthy sleep.
It won't make you sleepy - just nice and relaxed.

Antioxidants all over the place in this powerful blend.
Cleaning Crew blends B Vitamins, Amino Acids and Glutathione (the "Master Antioxidant"), helping your body clean up free radicals and other harmful cells.
This shot is great for people with chronic pain or illness, recovering from illness or an injury, or having gone through high doses of medication or hangovers.

This cocktail supports a healthy immune system and contains Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and Taurine.
Zinc is "birth control for bacteria and viruses.
Vitamin C boosts your "fighter cells"
Some clients use this as an alternative to the flu shot or will use it in addition to the vaccine to add extra protection.

This is the Original Vitamin Infusion Cocktail developed by Dr. John Myers, M.D. and used for decades to help people recover.
Headaches, sickness, chronic fatigue, asthma, allergies, body pain, and mood problems have been treated using this gentle yet highly effective treatment.
The Myers Cocktail is administered over a 20 minute treatment time, so it's a chance for you to relax and recover.