Hi! My name is Dr. Ashley Scheinberg and I'm inviting you to a dinner that my practice holds a few times a year for our patients, their guests, and the community.

Dinner is compliments of me. That's right - I pick up the check!

You may be wondering why...
It is my goal to help people in our community experience greater health and live a more purposeful life. So. let's start by asking these two questions...
- Is my health exactly where I want it now?
- Do I have the energy, physique, and brain function to accomplish the goals and dreams I have for my future?

If you said "no" to either of these questions - well, that's where I come in.
If you truly want to learn how to improve your health and take back control of your life, then let me treat you to dinner. It will be an enjoyable night full of important information, delicious food, and a great sense of community.
Current patients - your price for admission is to simply bring something that could benefit from our office like you have!

Seats are limited! Can't wait to see you there.